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Look for the Sign

Sequoia RV Ranch is located at the gateway to Sequoia National Park in Three Rivers. Head east and turn left onto North Fork Drive, the RV ranch is 2.2 miles on the right.


A Canopy of Trees Welcomes You

Upon entering Sequoia RV Ranch, you'll pass under a canopy of tall trees and cross over Manikan Creek which opens up to acres of beautiful trees and open spaces. A perfect place to camp.


Check-in at our Clubhouse

You'll see our clubhouse on the right where you'll meet our friendly staff and register for your stay. Find out where to hike, where to eat and what to do in the local area.


Cozy, Inviting Clubhouse

The clubhouse offers an inviting fire (on cold days), books and games available for check-out and Sequoia RV Ranch ball caps, T-shirts or sweatshirts available for purchase.


Breathtaking Views

Plenty of open spaces available on the ranch to roam, walk your dog and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Here is a great view of Case Mountain. Sequoia RV Ranch sits in a valley and is surrounded by beautiful hills.


Spring at the Ranch

The ranch is vibrant with spring color beginning in March with a patchwork of color on the hillsides and an abundance of redbuds, lupine and poppies. Attend the annual Jazz Affair, Redbud Festival or Lions Roping which take place in Three Rivers.


Riverfront Camping at it's Best

Camp right along the North Fork of the Kaweah River and let the sounds of the cascading streams erase your anxiety. Get a fire going and enjoy your meals outside in a beautiful setting.


Quiet, Open Spaces

Many mature trees grace each of the sites which provides shade, privacy and a sense that you are away from the city and in the country. Listen to the sounds of nature and appreciate God's creation.


Old Fashioned Swimming Hole

Who needs a pool when you can swim in a natural swimming hole right along the river. Float along the river at a leisurely pace and be refreshed on a hot summer's day. Cabanas, picnic tables and a well maintained lawn provides the perfect setting.


Fall at the Ranch

The changing of the leaves and the cooler weather makes the fall season the perfect time to visit the ranch. With fewer campers you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of the park and visit Sequoia National Park when it's less crowded.


Bring Everybody

Groups are discovering the benefits of camping together at Sequoia RV Ranch. The clubhouse is available for rental for your potlucks or events, or bring your own canopy and set-up for fun along some of our spacious sites. Come visit us time and time again and make camping at the Ranch an annual event.


Great Family Fun

Get your children back into nature and enjoy unspoiled moments of swimming in the river, playing games, cooking outdoors and singing over the fire. There are plenty of trails for children to ride their bikes and you'll take home treasured memories. Plan your family reunions at Sequoia RV Ranch you won't be disappointed.


Naked Ladies?

You'll find these beautiful flowers growing wild all over the Ranch! It was named after a beautiful shepherdess in Greek mythology. Amaryllis means "sparkling." The specific epithet belladonna means beautiful lady. Amaryllis belladonna has many common names. For example, in the United Kingdom it is known as the Belladonna or Jersey Lily. In South Africa it is known as the March Lily. And in the United States the flower is referred to as the Naked Lady. Amaryllis belladonna has also been called St. Joseph's Staff in Portugal, St. Rosalina in Sicily, and the Madonna lily in Italy. Within the country of Spain one might hear it referred to as "Meninas Para Escola," meaning Girls going to School because they bloom at the beginning of the school year, when girls in pink uniforms start attending classes.


Start a new family tradition

The Sanchez family has made camping at the Ranch their new Thanksgiving Tradition. Each year more family & friends join them in the celebration with a traditional feast.


Time for dessert

No feast is complete without dessert! What dessert goes with camping? S'mores of course!! YUMMY!!


A little exercise

After a wonderful feast & a little dessert it's time to play some games. Anyone for 'oakie horseshoes'?


Wildlife in the campground

WOW! What an amazing site to see right in the campground! Yes, they really let us get this close to them. This was taken in Oct 2008. This doe has been around the campground for a few years now. According to residents, she is with her buck that was born in early summer 2007 & her twins born earlier 2008. We watched the 'twins' lose their spots. They're about 7 months old here.


More Wildlife in the campground

Here comes Daddy!! First Buck I've ever seen that wasn't in a zoo. Such a majestic & beautiful creature. He even posed for pictures! This picture was taken Oct 2008 about 20 feet away from him. Sorry, no hunting allowed!


Wild Turkeys

These are the smartest wild turkeys ever! They wandered through the ranch about a week after Thanksgiving! There was about 30 of them. They came in from the end of the lower loop, walked all the way to the upper loop on the road, then over the bank towards the river. Wonder if the one knows he's standing on the edge of a firepit??


Not so 'wild' life

What a beautiful butterfly! Beginning in early fall there is an abundance of butterflies. This one was kind enough to sit still long enough for a picture.


Sequoia RV Ranch  - 43490 North Fork Drive - Three Rivers, CA 93271 -  1-559-561-4333